How to Choose Vintage Window Mirror?

Having an old house concept is unique and valuable. Although it is a modern era, something classic gives a unique touch to this time. Having vintage house design is great. However, what will happen if you think the house needs more windows than before? Commonly, vintage house style is made of wood, and it happened to the window. Is it possible to put mirror as the window material?

It could be a challenge, but with the right pieces and a little bit “know how”, it’s quite easy to choose vintage window mirror for your home.

Start Your Research

Window Mirror is not always identical with something luxurious or perfect. This window is used widely because of its function for the homeowner. The owner can see the view outside and close it anytime they want with many designs of curtains. You can see some pictures on Pinterest about this windows’ styles and concepts. You should find the most yours. When you already discover the idea, you just need to choose the material.


For the vintage concept, you can select the frame in the wooden material. You also can paint the frame with any color you love. The abstract theme is better; however, most vintage color is white. You also can let the wooden color stay in the frame. What do you think about it?

When you choose the wooden color in it, you can add some draws on the wood. It adds the value of your window. The more difficult your draw, the more vintage your window will be.

Choose the Window Material

Window Mirror is something that should give you a chance to look outside. Therefore, you need the clear glass material. It could be thick or thin is up to your favor, but make sure it is sturdy enough.

You can choose the big or small one, but if you want to add the vintage style, it would be better for you to pick a medium mirror and make the medium size of window mirror. If you use the large mirror, it just same as you make a semi-vintage window, not the full vintage window.


The window material should match to the frame. It is an important rule to remember. You can explore more ideas about it and make some line to the mirror. It could be four squares in a frame, or it could be two squares in a frame. However, to add the vintage sensation, it is better for you to make four squares in a frame.

All of the results base on how long your creativity is. You can make it by yourself or buy it in stores are up to you. It will be more vintage if you can find the old wood to be the frame. It is what you have to pay. If you want something different, you have to pay more. It is because the time will never back. Consequently, it would be better for you to make it by yourself.

No matter the result, at least, it could save your budget more. Get more inspiration by always learn to the professional or doing the deep research in it.

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